PVCC “Cybersecurity Recruitment” Marketing Campaign: 2017

GOAL: Recruit new students for the Cybersecurity Program.

TARGET AUDIENCE: High school students and nontraditional adult learners.

STRATEGY: Piedmont Virginia Community College received a grant to increase the number of students enrolled in its new cybersecurity program. In addition to a traditional track where students complete all of their course requirements on campus, the program also has a high-school pathway track offered in partnership with the local technical high school that allowed high school students to take their initial cyber classes in high school before finishing their degrees at PVCC. This meant that we had two distinct audiences to recruit: younger, high school-aged students and adult learners who were seeking career enhancement, advancement, or desiring to switch to a more lucrative career. In this instance, we defined “adult learner” as someone who had been out of high school for more than five years and may or may not be working in the tech industry.

The marketing dollars allotted to this project were minimal and the turnaround time was short. We used a combination of targeted digital display advertising and television spots to reach both audiences.

CREATIVE: We created two 30-second video spots, as well as a series of static graphics that were used for the digital advertising campaign. One video focused on adult learners (utilizing Tony from our “What You Make It” campaign since he fit the target demographic) and the other focused on students in the high school pathway program. The campaign ran for four weeks in June 2017.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Leigh-Anne Lawrence