PVCC Credit Class Schedule Rebrand: 2016

As the Marketing and Media Relations Director at Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC), one of my primary tasks was to produce a print credit class schedule three times a year, one for every semester in an academic year (fall, spring, summer). The schedule is mailed to approximately 119,500 zip codes in PVCC’s seven-county service region and an additional 2,000 to 3,000 copies are delivered to campus for distribution by recruiters and outreach specialists, as well as the Admissions & Advising Center. As a result, it’s considered to be one of the college’s primary marketing and informational pieces.

When I arrived at PVCC in 2015, the college was mailing a large, tabloid-sized publication (11×17), printed on newsprint with a full-color cover and interior pages in black and white with two-spot color. The schedule was large, extremely text-heavy, and did not adhere to contemporary design aesthetics. It was also extremely costly to produce due to the size and quantity of schedules that were being mailed. A redesign was definitely in order.

Working with my in-house designer, Randy Beard, we created an entirely new format that reduced the size and length of the publication and enhanced its visual appeal, making the schedule more of a true marketing piece: graphically appealing content in an easy-to-digest format. The redesigned schedule is 10 1/4 wide by 6 1/5 inches high when folded, is printed in full color, and now features a high-quality glossy cover. The interior pages are still printed on newsprint, but in color and the text content has been drastically reduced, allowing for more photos and vector artwork. As part of this project, we also expanded the college’s color palette, adding secondary colors, an official college font, and standard vector graphics that could be used to break up text content. The redesign also allowed us to reduce printing costs and reallocate those funds to other forms of paid advertising.

The schedule redesign was extremely well received both internally and externally and went on to win several state and national marketing awards. I served as creative director, writer, and editor for this project (and the schedules that followed from summer 2016 to present). As mentioned previously, the original design concept was created by graphic artist Randy Beard.

Bottom Left: A sample of the original 11×17 schedule format: cover and interior page. Bottom Right: A sample of the redesigned schedule: cover and three interior pages.

Full PDFs: You can view samples of the redesigned schedule in its entirety by clicking on any of the PDF links below:
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