PVCC Noncredit Class Schedule Rebrand: 2017

After the redesign of the Piedmont Virginia Community College Credit Class Schedule in 2016, I turned my attention to the noncredit side of the house and the Division of Workforce Services, which oversees all noncredit offerings at the college. The Workforce Services Division has its own graphic designer, Lesley Wood, on staff, and I worked with Lesley to update the Workforce Services schedule to more closely align with the redesigned credit class schedule and other marketing materials that were being produced by my office.

The redesigned class schedule was updated to match the new design aesthetic we’d established at the college, which included an expanded color palette, as well as the use of real students on the cover instead of stock images.

As the PVCC Marketing and Media Relations Director, I served as the creative director for this project. As mentioned above, design work was done by the talented Lesley Wood.

Bottom Left: A sample of the original noncredit cover design. Bottom Right: A sample of the redesigned schedule cover. View the Spring 2018 noncredit schedule in its entirety.